The sound tracks

The sound tracks

Vinyl, CD or HD Download

During its marathon life Criminal minds has used over 288 sound tacks in its episodes.

This site is dedicated to the best sound tacks this series has played. Below is a list of some of the more popular music with links to other categorized criminal minds music sites.

If your a real audiophile, you will be choosing your format carefully.Remember its not just about the format you choose, it the hardware and speakers you play it on

If you still love the sound of a record player or turntable, and your considering buying one, then you should already have a breadth of knowledge in the area, prices range for 10’s to 1000’s of dollars. if you looking for Vinyl record player reviews check this handy site its the home of record players. From cheap record players with speakers, like the Crosley cruiser record player, which comes with an additional Vintage record player stand to really give that retro feeling, To more state of the art systems costing 1000’s of dollars.

My Favourite being the Audio Technica range which is a turntable with built in preamp (and reasonably priced)

If CD’s are you thing have a look at this site and if your a HD streamer look no further than here. Its a wealth of info